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Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA


VPO Jhandutta, Bilaspur,
Himachal Pradesh, India

Code of Conduct

Conduct Rules for Students

The authority of the college covers every student on its rolls. All students must be deterred from indulging in any kind of misconduct including partaking in any activity off- campus which can affect the prestige of the institution. The Principal and the members of the staff have the power to take disciplinary action against students indulging in acts of indiscipline, which may lead to imposing fine, or suspension, rustication or expulsion of the guilty student.

  • The students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations, which are notified from time to time in addition to those contained in the prospectus.
  • The students are expected to attend their classes regularly as minimum 75% attendance is mandatory as per the university rules, failing which students will not be allowed to sit in the final examination.
  • Roaming about in the campus, corridors and outside classrooms during vacant periods and causing disturbance to teaching work in this manner is highly undesirable and will be considered as an act of indiscipline.
  • Damage of any kind to college property including defacement of walls, damage to the furniture, etc. is an act of indiscipline and strict action will be taken against the one found guilty.
  • Pasting of unauthorized notices, posters on the College Notice Board is strictly prohibited and notices without the signatures of the Principal or a member of the teaching staff will not be valid.
  • Smoking and use of ‘Gutka’, etc. is strictly prohibited within the College premises. Strict action will be taken against the offenders.
  • Students should carry identity cards inside the campus and also when attending any meetings outside the campus. I-Cards are mandatory and students without I-Cards will not be allowed to enter the college premises. Any violation of these orders will lead to disciplinary action.
  • In case the I-card is lost; the same should be reported immediately to the college authorities along with the police report/ FIR of having lost the card.
  • All students are directed to note that the use of mobile phones in the college campus is strictly prohibited as per the H.P Govt. norms (vide letter No.EDN-HE(21)B(15)15/2017- V Directorate of higher education H.P.Shimla-I). Students are directed to switch-off their mobiles as and when they enter the classrooms. Playing music on the phone is strictly prohibited. The defaulters will be dealt with as per college discipline rules.
  • Ragging in and around the college campus is strictly prohibited. If any student is found indulging in ragging directly or indirectly, the college authorities shall be obliged under Rule 22, 17 (a), (b), (c) of HP University to expel the guilty students. Any student found involved in ragging will be punished appropriately.

Conduct Rules for Faculty

  • Every Teacher shall discharge his/her duties efficiently and diligently to match with the academic standards and performance norms formulated by the Government from time to time.
  • Every Teacher shall regard themselves as learners and engage in continuous professional development.
  • Every Teacher shall conduct himself/herself with absolute dignity and decorum in his/her dealing with the superiors, colleagues and students.
  • No teacher shall absent himself/herself from duties at any time without prior permission from higher authorities.
  • No teacher shall participate in any kind of political activities which are not in line with the ethics of the teaching profession.
  • No teacher shall degrade, harass, humiliate, insult and instigate any other person for any reason whatsoever with his/her words and deeds.
  • Every teacher shall exhibit a commitment in excellence in learning and teaching and a concern for the wellbeing of students, faculty, support staff, colleagues, college and the society in which all exist.

Conduct Rules for Principal

  • The conduct of Institute administrators should be characterized by integrity. Each individual’s personal and professional conduct reflects on one’s institution, profession, and the higher education enterprise at large. The Principal should :
  • Comply with applicable governmental laws, rules, and regulations;
  • Act with competence and strive to advance competence, both in self and in others;
  • Understand the Institute’s objectives and policies and contribute constructively to their ongoing evaluation and reformulation;
  • Refuse to engage in actions that violate the ethical principles contained in this Code or provisions of law.

Code Of Conduct : Administrative staff / Support staff

  • Administrative staff are expected to proceed in their daily duties in the manner that upholds the dignity of their profession.
  • Staff members should seek to co-operate with their colleagues, providing support, help and guidance as required by them and Head of Department (HOD) / administrative head, and enable effective communication throughout the institute.
  • Staff members should attend their place of work punctually in accordance with their conditions of service.

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